Your logo/icon in a custom web font

I’ve been looking for a way to reduce the lighten a page template for a site I’ve been working on. Because I also want the page to look good on high-dpi screens, I’d originally coded it using @media queries in the CSS files to serve 2x images of multiple logos and icons to devices with […]

Connecting Parallels VMs to your Mac localhost file for testing

I’m currently building a site using a local server on my iMac at work and I needed an accurate way to test it on IE. I’m running Windows 8 on a Parallels (v.8) Virtual Machine and wanted to get it to display the test site I’m developing locally via MAMP. There’s a few sites that […]

Working with RealLegal .ptx files on the Mac

[Note: if this is the first time you’re reading this post, skip down to the 11/2010 update to get the most recent info.] Recently, while doing some research on producing video depositions, I came across RealLegal’s .ptx files. Those in the legal profession will recognize this format is the method not a few court reporters […]

Keys to Photoshop CS3: Color Settings

Ever wonder how you should set up your color settings in Photoshop CS3/CS2? What are color settings you say? This video is for you. In it we’ll cover: What RGB color space to use and why, what a color space is, and where to set custom CMYK color settings to get the best results when […]

Keys to Photoshop CS3: Preferences

Knowing how limited my own time and brainpower are, I’ve been thinking of ways to you learn or advance with Photoshop with whatever limited time you have available. With that in mind I decided to produce a series of short screencasts covering various topics in Photoshop. With the imminent release of Photoshop CS3 I’ve decided […]

Photoshop Technique – Masking Complex Areas

Ever have to strip the backround out of an image that was so complex and detailed you didn’t know where to start? Let me share with you a great technique for masking very complex areas like hair that would take forever to mask using more traditional techniques. This tutorial is excerpted from my upcoming book, […]