Connecting Parallels VMs to your Mac localhost file for testing

I’m currently building a site using a local server on my iMac at work and I needed an accurate way to test it on IE. I’m running Windows 8 on a Parallels (v.8) Virtual Machine and wanted to get it to display the test site I’m developing locally via MAMP. There’s a few sites that […]

Stuff I’ve learned: Using QGIS to find latitude and longitude from x and y coordinates

I recently needed to create a map of a decent-sized dataset (13,000+ records) that I’d downloaded from the state of New Jersey. I’m new to the large-dataset* game so I had some tricks to learn and this seemed like a good opportunity. There’s lots of great information on the web on this but this may […]

Horseshoe crabs

It’s been a while since my last update…I’ve been busy with lots of things related to the NewsWorks site, but also with a side project of producing science content for QUEST, a science and environmental program produced by by KQED in San Francisco that’s now a multi-station content collaborative which includes WHYY. I’ve finally got […]

Working with RealLegal .ptx files on the Mac

[Note: if this is the first time you’re reading this post, skip down to the 11/2010 update to get the most recent info.] Recently, while doing some research on producing video depositions, I came across RealLegal’s .ptx files. Those in the legal profession will recognize this format is the method not a few court reporters […]

“Long Road Home” Show Opening

For those of you who may be in the Philadelphia area, I’ve put up a small show (10 pieces) at the Seven Stones Cafe in Media, Pa (a south-western suburb of the city). The show has highlights of recent personal work, both of the leaves series that you can see in the portfolio section of […]

Long Live the Photobooth

One of our quirky family traditions which makes our family-our family-is that once a year we take a family photo in a photobooth. I like to do this for a number of reasons. First, I don’t have to be the photographer, which feels like work. The yearly tradition makes it an event. It can be […]

Photoshopping Your Self-Image

While my own images tend to be less manipulated, I do some freelance retouching and can tell you from experience that most cover images and (in my experience) all fashion or celebrity images are retouched in some way. Most images are captured digitally these days and come into contact with Photoshop, Lightroom (or some other […]

Stop the Violence poster project

I recently had the opportunity to listen to war photographer James Nachtwey’s speech accepting the TED award. The first time I listened to the audio only, and was struck by the sound of the sadness in his voice – a sadness I share when I see his photographs and think of the situations he has […]

What Typeface Is That?

Ever wonder what typeface a company uses for it’s logo? Chances are you can find out through TypoWiki, which is exactly what it sounds like – a user edited wiki about type. This page lists major companies and the typefaces they use which, for designers could be extremely useful sometime. [German-Language Site]

Adobe CS3 Installer Security Flaw

Macworld recently reported on a security flaw with Adobe’s CS3 installer for Mac OS. It seems the installer automatically disables the firewall in OS X in order to install certain components and then fails to re-enable it, causing a security risk. I was particularly interested in this story since I’ve recently upgraded to the CS3 […]