NewsWorks launches!

A little over two years ago I began to work part-time with WHYY (The Philadelphia market’s public broadcasting station) on a long-term project to build out web and multimedia coverage around their health+science desk. That work has taken on greater urgency as the web and technology continue to impact (and by impact I mean wreck) […]

What Typeface Is That?

Ever wonder what typeface a company uses for it’s logo? Chances are you can find out through TypoWiki, which is exactly what it sounds like – a user edited wiki about type. This page lists major companies and the typefaces they use which, for designers could be extremely useful sometime. [German-Language Site]

Infographics – Graphic Design Meets Information

Good graphic design simplifies and beautifies visual information. If you appreciate it like I do, here’s some food for thought from the world of infographics. If you haven’t heard of infographics before, think of it as a commercial that starts with the line, “Hey, you got your graphic design in my information!” Note these examples […]