Keys to Photoshop CS3: Color Settings

Ever wonder how you should set up your color settings in Photoshop CS3/CS2? What are color settings you say? This video is for you. In it we’ll cover: What RGB color space to use and why, what a color space is, and where to set custom CMYK color settings to get the best results when […]

Keys to Photoshop CS3: Preferences

Knowing how limited my own time and brainpower are, I’ve been thinking of ways to you learn or advance with Photoshop with whatever limited time you have available. With that in mind I decided to produce a series of short screencasts covering various topics in Photoshop. With the imminent release of Photoshop CS3 I’ve decided […]

Photoshop Technique – Masking Complex Areas

Ever have to strip the backround out of an image that was so complex and detailed you didn’t know where to start? Let me share with you a great technique for masking very complex areas like hair that would take forever to mask using more traditional techniques. This tutorial is excerpted from my upcoming book, […]

Make Your Mac More Secure

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While it’s true that Mac OS X is a much more secure operating system than Windows at this point, With time and the increase in popularity of the Mac platfrom there will come a day when some exploit or another will be successful against it. If you use the internet (and you do) and especially […]

Tech Support for Wife 1.0

Disclaimer: The following is just for fun. Those lacking a sense of humor should stop reading now. The following was inspired by a similar dialog that found it’s way into my email inbox. If you google ‘Husband 1.0’ you will find about 20 different versions of it. The ‘original’ lacks that written-by-a-true-computer-geek flavor, so I […]

Lightroom vs. Aperture

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Since the release of Lightroom 1.0 in February (2007) there has been a renewed comparison between it and Apple’s Aperture. Do you need one of these programs? Which one should you choose?

What Epson Won’t Tell You About its Photo Printers

If you are looking at purchasing a pigment-based photo printer, there are some invisible costs associated with owning one that you should be aware of. What follows is from my personal experience with Epson’s pigment-based printers:


As a photographer, educator, and mac user and posessor of the arcane knowledge that accompanies these endeavors, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that it’s time to start paying back. Thanks to all those posters on forums who have gotten me out of various binds in the past. I appreciate it. I really do. It’s […]