‘The Illustrator’ for WHYY’s The Pulse

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This video, part of a separate pilot project I was working on called Science@Work, has found a new home on WHYY’s new program ‘The Pulse.’ Science@Work was one of those projects that, while I had enthusiasm and buy-in for it, I could never get on the front burner with all the other projects that kept […]

Your logo/icon in a custom web font

I’ve been looking for a way to reduce the lighten a page template for a site I’ve been working on. Because I also want the page to look good on high-dpi screens, I’d originally coded it using @media queries in the CSS files to serve 2x images of multiple logos and icons to devices with […]

Connecting Parallels VMs to your Mac localhost file for testing

I’m currently building a site using a local server on my iMac at work and I needed an accurate way to test it on IE. I’m running Windows 8 on a Parallels (v.8) Virtual Machine and wanted to get it to display the test site I’m developing locally via MAMP. There’s a few sites that […]

Stuff I’ve learned: Using QGIS to find latitude and longitude from x and y coordinates

I recently needed to create a map of a decent-sized dataset (13,000+ records) that I’d downloaded from the state of New Jersey. I’m new to the large-dataset* game so I had some tricks to learn and this seemed like a good opportunity. There’s lots of great information on the web on this but this may […]

Baseball’s dirty little secret

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A fun story of interest to baseball fans that we got to film just before the Phillies got eliminated in game 5 against the Cardinals. We turned the video around in a day, so it’s not as polished as I would normally like, but despite that it’s been picked up by Devour, Gizmodo, Quest, and […]

Horseshoe crabs

It’s been a while since my last update…I’ve been busy with lots of things related to the NewsWorks site, but also with a side project of producing science content for QUEST, a science and environmental program produced by by KQED in San Francisco that’s now a multi-station content collaborative which includes WHYY. I’ve finally got […]

NewsWorks launches!

A little over two years ago I began to work part-time with WHYY (The Philadelphia market’s public broadcasting station) on a long-term project to build out web and multimedia coverage around their health+science desk. That work has taken on greater urgency as the web and technology continue to impact (and by impact I mean wreck) […]

Shooting Delaware Bride

Some images from the spring issue of Delaware Bride Magazine, shot on location at Longwood Gardens last fall.

Building yourself up

I find it important to stay balanced and connected with real people and sometimes that can be a challenge in this business. One client that I work with every year that really helps with that is Rebuilding Together Philadelphia. If you don’t know, RT organizes volunteers to make repairs and accessibility improvements to the homes […]

Faking Spring and Other Photographic Challenges

This past January, I got an assignment to shoot 3 eco-activists for a magazine feature story. As is usually the case, we were shooting for an issue that would appear on newsstands several months later, in this case April. The portraits needed to be environmental to tell the story, but since the issue would appear […]