NewsWorks launches!

A little over two years ago I began to work part-time with WHYY (The Philadelphia market’s public broadcasting station) on a long-term project to build out web and multimedia coverage around their health+science desk. That work has taken on greater urgency as the web and technology continue to impact (and by impact I mean wreck) media companies’ long-standing business models the way it did the photography industry starting about 10 years ago.

I’m happy to be able to announce that we reached a significant milestone this week. WHYY launched a new site Monday called NewsWorks. A completely redesigned news site, now encompassing all of WHYY’s news coverage and a whole lot more.

Here’s what some people have been saying about the site:

City Paper

And here’s Chris Satullo’s introduction to NewsWorks.

As projects like this go, I have to say it’s been a pleasure to work on. A launch like this has the potential get pretty stressful, and nerves can get frayed. But in this case the small team of talented people (and it certainly was a team effort) who put this site together did an amazing job in a crazy-short timeframe with limited resources and true professionalism. It was a rare treat to be part of it.

Now that it’s finally launched, my corner of NewsWorks will mainly be it’s health+science coverage where (in addition to still images) we have some big plans to expand the multimedia coverage to take advantage of this new platform. If you haven’t already had a chance to explore what we’ve done previously, check out the health+science multimedia page or some of the multimedia pieces I had a hand in producing below:

(Hint: If you have the bandwidth, the HD versions are a better viewing experience. Press play, then click on the 360p text that appears.)

(My thanks to Kerry Grens and Peter Crimmins for their willingness to venture beyond radio for these pieces.)

More soon!