Building yourself up

I find it important to stay balanced and connected with real people and sometimes that can be a challenge in this business. One client that I work with every year that really helps with that is Rebuilding Together Philadelphia. If you don’t know, RT organizes volunteers to make repairs and accessibility improvements to the homes of elderly, disabled and low-income households that they wouldn’t be able to do themselves. Many times they do this for an entire neighborhood at once. Witnessing the homeowners reactions and the general atmosphere of goodwill during one of their builds leaves you feeling better about life. It’s different than my normal type of work, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

Recently, I got treated to a thank you video that the Philadelphia chapter put together for their vendors/sponsors. [Note: Though I get a credit at the end and most of the images are mine, there are a few in there (especially in the beginning) that I didn’t take. Not sure where they came from.] I think this slideshow does a good job of showing how much the volunteers enjoy their work. I enjoyed documenting it too.